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M-Tag : MTX & Brand Name

M-Tag® Classic

M-Tag : MTX & Brand Name

M-Tag® Classic is ananti-counterfeiting label that changes color depending onan external magnetic field. Ituses a special security material developed by NANOBRICKtosupport high security.
It is characterized by its simple authentication and high-security material. In order to determine the authenticity of the product, confirmthe label color change by using magnets. M-Tag classic is optimized for the prevention of counterfeiting various industrial products.




Prodcut view

Product Specifications

Product Name M-Tag® Classic
Label Size 15mm X 15mm (negotiable)
Logo Print Size 14mm X 14mm
Print Specifications Hologram Foil Strip, Spot Color Printing
Material PET
Supply Forms ROLL, SHEET
MOO 100K
Basic Specifications Logo and Phrase Printing

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